This is a good place to start reading

Welcome to the inside of my brain and part of my spleen too!  I am here for one clear, unmistakeable reason.  And that is to write about several topics that perhaps shouldn’t be lumped into one blog.  Sex, parenting, comedy, online dating, and in general, to have a space for my ideas to land once they come out of my mouth and my fingers.

Things are in some kind of order.  Please read with kindness in your fingertips, should you choose to comment.  For now, I’m not writing with money/career in mind, I am just writing because it makes me happy.  I aspire to one day write because it makes me unhappy.  But I can’t get ahead of myself!  One post at a time I will get there.  I hope you enjoy reading what I enjoyed writing.

Enjoy, but don’t enjoy by stealing.  All of the content on this site is my intellectual property.  If you are interested in using a photo or quoting me, please quote me properly by giving credit with a link to my blog.  Any pictures I post are not available for sale at this point.

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